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My name is Eric Capuano, I am an InfoSec founder, practitioner, advisor & SANS DFIR Instructor. I spend most of my time doing awesome things @ LimaCharlie and running trainings at BlackHat and other awesome conferences.

I post articles about Information Security, Security Operations (SecOps), Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR), and occasionally other miscellaneous topics loosely related to the aforementioned. On occasion I will also release training guides in these areas as well.

Most of my articles are free, but I occasionally post subscriber-only hands-on labs that involve a lot of effort to build. Your paid support for these efforts is greatly appreciated and affords me the time to continue developing them!

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I write about all things information security, security operations, digital forensics & incident response, and some miscellaneous in between.


InfoSec Founder, Practitioner, Advisor & SANS DFIR Instructor